ent- be- , er- : Lepota nemačkih prefiksa, prvi deo

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Sample Video Lesson:
ent- be- , er- : Lepota nemačkih prefiksa, prvi deo

Anleitung und Tipps

My general recommendation:
  1. Watch the video with German subtitles. (If this is too hard, watch it with English subtitles first.)
  2. Watch the video again without subtitles.
  3. Then watch the video with 1.5 times the speed.
  4. Then watch the video (with and without subtitles) multiple times until you have internalized the meanings of all vocabulary words.
Tips for beginners:
  • First make sure that you know what the video is about by reading the English subtitles.
  • Watch the video at half speed if I'm talking too quickly.
Challenge for advanced learners:
  • Watch the video at double speed.


Bottom left:
  • Click on the first symbol, the play symbol, to start or continue the video.
  • Click on the bookmarks symbol to see all bookmarks. Click on one to jump to that time.
Bottom right:
  • With the speedometer you can change the speed.
  • You can turn on the subtitles by clicking on “CC”.
  • Usually, you can skip them by clicking the play symbol, though I highly recommend you do the quizzes.
  • The instructions are in German, but repeat over time. Look up words you don't know to be prepared next time.


Did you know...?

This is just a small taste of the Academy.

If you sign up for the Authentic German Learning Academy, you can enjoy many more video lessons like this one!

  • Learn German with the right mindset
    • I'm NOT STUPID! ? I just don't speak the language well... ?
  • The beauty of German prefixes
    1. ent-, be-, er-
  • German poems
    • Der Zauberlehrling by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    • John Maynard by Theodor Fontane

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The Authentic German Learning Academy

Learn German the right way: through interesting, life-changing input.

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The Authentic German Learning Academy is for anyone who wants to learn German through comprehensible input and learn many new things.

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  • Are you currently learning German? Do you wish there was an easy way to enjoy the German language?
  • Are you frustrated by German grammar? Are you confused by German sentence structure?
  • Do you have little time and wish you could learn German on the go?
  • Do you wish that German grammar wouldn’t cause you any more headaches?
  • Are you looking for interesting texts and audio recordings by a native speaker to improve your German?
  • Are you ready to use a fast and effective way to strengthen and increase your known vocabulary?

I know these frustrations well.

Hello, I am Mark, a native German.

Even when I was a teenager I loved to learn and I read many books. I just loved to learn new things and improve my skills.

One day, the sun was shining outside, and I would have liked nothing better than to hang out with my friends.

Instead, I was sitting at my desk at school. My French teacher just announced that there will be a quiz.

All my energy and joy for learning evaporated in that moment. It did not feel like I was learning for myself, but for my teacher!

A year later I traveled to the USA. I enjoyed my time there very much! After a month, I was dreaming in English.

I became fluent — without even noticing.

So it is possible to learn a language effectively — when you are having fun while learning!

A year ago I started learning Italian. It was difficult — especially the beginning! – because almost every method I tried was super boring.

I started to lose my motivation again.

This changed when I heard about Stephen Krashen, a linguistics professor at the University of Southern California. What he said blew my mind:

We acquire language in one way and only one way: when we get comprehensible input in a low anxiety environment.

This blew my mind because it means I am not stupid. I was just using the wrong method!

I have found an Italian who teaches me his language through comprehensible input. He is a funny guy!

Through his materials, I not only learn Italian faster, but it is also much more enjoyable.

I am super motivated and learn every day. I want to sound like a native speaker. I want to be like them and enjoy the language.

Allow me to help you succeed with learning German.

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What is the Authentic German Learning Academy?

The Authentic German Learning Academy is a learning platform created by German teacher and German native Marco Rösler.

It's for those wanting to learn German efficiently and stress-free with bite-sized lessons from Marco.

Watch this short introductory video below to find out everything you need to know.


"Is the Authentic German Learning Academy for me?"

The Academy is for you

  • If you want to learn German successfully and efficiently.
  • If you want to master German grammar and pronunciation.
  • If you want to be part of a growing community of German learners.
  • If you enjoy learning about many different topics – from German culture and history to personal development and time management.
  • If you want to have fun while learning and dislike boring exercises and rote learning.

What you get as a member of the Authentic German Learning Academy

Sign up now and receive:

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What you will learn

You will learn…

  • How to avoid common mistakes many German learners make.
  • Thousands of new vocabulary words, easily acquired through context.
  • Essential grammatical patterns, easily acquired through context.
  • The pronunciations of German words through audio files that are playable at various speeds.
  • Many interesting things about German culture and history.
  • Even more things (check out the course descriptions below).

Join The Academy Now!

You get access to these amazing courses

Interactive Video Lessons

Do you like my German learning videos? Well, in this course, you can not only watch them but also complete interactive German lessons!

You watch the videos and take part in interactive quizzes in between. This way, you will learn more effectively and with more fun!

These interactive video lessons include:

  • Learn German with the right mindset
    • I'm NOT STUPID! ? I just don't speak the language well... ?
  • The beauty of German prefixes
    1. ent-, be-, er-
  • German poems
    • Der Zauberlehrling by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    • John Maynard by Theodor Fontane

German sentence structure made easy!

Ever had trouble with German sentence structure? Well, you are not alone.

But fear not! In this practical course, you will learn how to construct German sentences correctly. You will learn to formulate main clauses, questions, and subordinate clauses correctly.

5558 words – 1h10m audio – valuable, comprehensible input in small, digestible chunks!

The Most Beautiful Places in Germany

Germany and Austria have many beautiful places. In this course, you will discover the most beautiful ones! You will be amazed by the beauty of the Spreewald, Berlin, München, Heidelberg and many other places.

11342 words – 2h18m audio (incl. 1h32m videos) – valuable, comprehensible input in small, digestible chunks!

The course also includes a fun quiz and a writing exercise that will further improve your writing skills.

German History Part 1: Following the traces of the Germanic Peoples

I’m very proud of this course that will give you a deep insight into the Germanic tribes. They are the ancestors of many European peoples, including the Germans. You will learn how they lived and how they defied the Romans – unlike so many other peoples!

While creating this course, I learned a lot of new things and exciting stories that I’m sure will amaze you as well.

28441 words – 4h28m audio – valuable, comprehensible input in small, digestible chunks!

How you will speak fluent German

Learn how you can spare yourself many weeks, months or even years of frustration.

This course will teach you the habits you need to stop procrastinating and start enjoying the process.

3930 words – 42m audio – valuable, comprehensible input in small, digestible chunks!

And Many More!

Many more courses are in the works and will be released soon! This way, you never run out of comprehensible input.

I want you to have a fun and efficient learning experience. That’s why I will always make the kind of courses that help YOU the most.

How do I get started with the Authentic German Learning Academy?

To get started, simply click on the orange button below and follow the checkout process to begin your journey!

Got it, Sign me up!

Alberto Arrighini. CEO at Italiano Automatico.
Can I say that I love you, Marco!? I’m so glad that you’re gonna help thousands of people learning German through this method of learning languages! I can’t wait to use everything you’ll create! THANK YOU!!!! 😀
Gary Strothman. Now German level C2.
Marco is a really great instructor and inspiring person. He has helped me very much with my German and I find him to be a positive force in my life. Marco motivates and teaches German as well as acquiring a positive mindset.
By chance, I found this nice way to learn German. One course after another, they have not created the interest and language acquisition as Marco in no time managed to do!
Simple, fun, every day a little company with his advice and - I swear! - in a couple of months, all the terms, rules and theories in my head became fluent spoken language!
It was hard to believe anyone can understand me, I can go to the bank, I can go to the accountant, to the teachers in my son's school, to specialists and I can talk to the customers in the restaurant!!!
And what is even more, Marco taught me to not be afraid of making mistakes, but to smile and have a bit of self-irony: “MAN MUSS BEREIT SEIN, SICH ZUM AFFEN ZU MACHEN!” 😀
Everything is likable, regardless of the context.
A thousand thanks, Marco! Marco needs to be supported; just the idea that he might stop is pulling “the ground under their feet” away! AGL – MARCO! – there is no comparison. 🙂

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    Have a question about anything? Contact me.

      You can also schedule a call with me and I will personally explain more about the Academy and help you decide if it's the right fit for you. Schedule A Call With Marco