POWER Study Group for German learners: prepositions – Präpositionen


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Are you having trouble with German propositions? Study the German preposition with other German learners!

Now you can get these huge benefits:

  • You turn the frustrating struggle with German prepositions into a fun learning experience,
  • you will be able to retain what you learned much better,
  • you save many hours of your time,
  • you get to know other German learners and learn with them,
  • you get the help of a native German speaker – me! 😉 – and can ask any question!

This is a test product for a small group. For a limited time I am offering you:

  • You will be in a study group for 1 month,
    • you get regular tips
    • you can ask any question that you have about prepositions
  • You will attend an awesome LIVE workshop (scheduled at your convenience) with me, Marco and
    • you will get a handout from me with detailed information and
    • you will be able to watch replay of the workshop.
  • You will get many study materials to speed up your learning process, such as
    • a list of ALL relevant prepositions,
    • PDFs with many tips and tricks,
    • helpful pictures for better comprehension.

You only need to invest as much as a good meal at a restaurant. Invest in your education now:

9,00Add to cart

HEADS UP: Academy Members will pay half price and stay in the study group. Becoming an Academy Member as well is recommended.


If you only want the Workshop, then click here:

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You don’t even have to state a reason.

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