German Beginner Immersion Course [83% off] + BONUSES


You are about to make a great first step learning German by purchasing the German immersion course for beginners plus many great bonuses.

This is a limited time offer for just 20 people.

See the full description below.


You will get

  • German beginner immersion course (500€ value)
    • contains all A1 vocabulary
    • immerse yourself in a story for effective learning
  • regular chats via WhatsApp with me, Mark Rösler, for 6 weeks (120€ value)
  • 6+ group voice calls with me, choose one of three time slots every week (315€ value)
  • BONUS: The entire German history for beginners (100€ value)
  • BONUS: Quizzes to test your German knowledge (100€ value)
  • BONUS: PDF cheat sheet for German grammar (50€ value)
  • PLUS:
    • all courses have an interface that will visually show you
      • which words are most important to reach A1 level
      • which genders the words have (der, die, das)
      • which word classes the words have (nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.)
    • all audio to all courses
    • Many more bonuses and surprises!

Total value: 1.185€

Yet for all this value, for a limited time, your tuition fee will only be 200€ for signing up early and being a part of the 20 early pioneers learning with this new system.

Limited time offer: only 200€ for the first 20 people (more than 83% off)!

The system is currently being developed. There might be bugs and not all features might be available right away but you’ll see the system grow while you learn and have an influence on the development by giving feedback.