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Katy Graham

Just a little note from me for anyone who might be thinking about joining the workshop ... do it! 😀

I found the summary really useful and the daily tips are helping me grasp a topic that has confused me for years. They're great resources.

(an no, I'm not being paid for this endorsement, it really is great! 😹😹)

Katy Graham
Ken Grauer, MD

Wow! It is truly AMAZING how much time and effort you have put into this project! You have developed a GOLD MINE of material. The tables are amazing — and so nice that you give so many examples!

Marco — You have a TREMENDOUS amount of great material here. I love your tables with English & German example sentences and the verbs and labels of the grammatical aspects.

Ken Grauer, MD
Gary Strothmann

Marco is a really great instructor and inspiring person. He has helped me very much with my German and I find him to be a positive force in my life.

Marco motivates and teaches German as well as acquiring a positive mindset.

Gary Strothmann
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Can I say that I love you Marco!? I'm so glad that you're gonna help thousands of people learning German through this method of learning languages! I can't wait to use everything you'll create! THANK YOU!!!! 😀

Alberto Arrighini Alberto Arrighini
Italiano Automatico

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