Learn German Grammar with Humor: The Awful German Language (e-book + audiobook)

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Learn German Grammar with Humor:
“The Awful German Language”

German grammar is hard. Or so you might think!

  • Are you currently learning German? Do you wish there was an easy way to enjoy the German language?
  • Are you frustrated by German grammar? Are you confused by German cases?
  • Do you wish that German grammar wouldn’t cause you any more headaches?
  • Are you looking for entertaining texts and audio recordings by a native speaker to improve your German?
  • Are you ready to use a fast and effective way to strengthen and increase your known vocabulary?

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I know these frustrations well.

Hello, I am Mark, a native German.

Even when I was a teenager I loved to learn and I read many books. I just loved to learn new things and improve my skills.

One day, the sun was shining outside, and I would have liked nothing better than to hang out with my friends.

Instead, I was sitting at my desk at school. My French teacher just announced that there will be a quiz.

All my energy and joy for learning evaporated in that moment. It did not feel like I was learning for myself, but for my teacher!

A year later I traveled to the USA. I enjoyed my time there very much! After a month, I was dreaming in English.

I became fluent — without even noticing.

So it is possible to learn a language effectively — when you are having fun while learning!

A year ago I started learning Italian. It was difficult — especially the beginning! – because almost every method I tried was super boring.

I started to lose my motivation again.

This changed when I heard about Stephen Krashen, a linguistics professor at the University of Southern California. What he said blew my mind:

We acquire language in one way and only one way: when we get comprehensible input in a low anxiety environment.

This blew my mind because it means I am not stupid. I was just using the wrong method!

I have found an Italian who teaches me his language through comprehensible input. He is a funny guy!

Through his materials, I not only learn Italian faster, but it is also much more enjoyable.

I am super motivated and learn every day. I want to sound like a native speaker. I want to be like them and enjoy the language.

I want to help you to enjoy the German language and learn effectively.

That’s why I wrote The Awful German Language. Let’s just laugh about German grammar!

It's a humorous book about German grammar. This book will show you the German language in a new light.

The book is based on an essay by Mark Twain which I translated, corrected, updated, enhanced and commented upon.

Now it is much more than that.

The more I worked on it, the more text I wrote, the more inspiring comments I added, the more excited I became.

I had created a whole book that will help many people to have fun while learning German

And the humor in this book comes from the funny and famous author Mark Twain.

So this book will not only help you to learn German in a natural, authentic way but will also make you laugh!

Just imagine that: You will laugh about German grammar!

  • very funny jokes by famous humorist Mark Twain
  • German translation of one of his works about the German language
  • German cases – explained in simple terms
  • encouraging comments
  • helpful explanation of the German language

This easy-to-read ebook with accompanying audio will teach you German in a humorous way featuring the humor of world-renowned author and humorist Mark Twain.

It’s fun, easy and friendly.

Let's Make It Fun!

German and English Side by Side

Over 6 Hours of Audio

Let's Make It Fun!

This e-book and audiobook package will teach you German through the comprehensible input method, i.e. you acquire German by absorbing the language.

No more stress about grammar! No more confusion with cases! This is a fun, fast and effective method to learn German.

German and English Side by Side

The German and English texts are presented side by side in columns and there the most important vocabulary words are shown in the margin. Clear tables, vivid pictures, and color-coding make the e-book (138 pages) even more aesthetically pleasing.

This will make it super easy for you to quickly learn new vocabulary.

Over 6 Hours of Audio

Listen to 6 hours 48 minutes of amazing audio. You can listen to the audiobook versions either section by section or one version in one go. You can listen to the audio anywhere: laying on your bed, during exercise, while preparing a meal.

This will save you so much time while you learn the German pronunciation.

I wrote the book, which is ironically called “The Awful German Language,” to show you how to learn German with humor.

This bundle consists of:

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Heads up: You can also get the e-book, the audiobook, and membership in the Academy together as a bundle and get your first month free!

The E-book:
138 pages of exciting learning experience!
(German and English text, PDF)

Download sample PDF
Right click & 'Save as...'

Don’t worry, I have presented the text in a way so that you can easily read and understand it — no matter how good (or bad) your German is.

There are two columns: One for the German and one for the English text. Thus, you only need to look to the right to read a translation.

Additionally, I present to you the most important words on the margin.

The e-book includes for your benefit:

  • clear tables
  • vivid pictures
  • matching color-coding
  • important words on the margin
  • vocabulary lists

Thus, the e-book is very comprehensible!

The Audiobook:
More than six hours of listening pleasure!
(6h 48m, mp3)!

The excellent Stephanie Murphy and I have recorded the e-book for you, so you can conveniently listen to it when you are on the go or as an additional aid while you read the e-book.

Sample: English translation

Sample: slowly spoken German

Sample: normal spoken German

Your benefits from the audiobook:

  • learn German pronunciation
  • save time by listening on the go
  • understand everything by listening to the translation
  • listen to slow and then fast spoken German
  • fits any language level!
  • helpful sound effects

Thus I present the information to you in different ways, so that even the most difficult concepts are easily understood.


Imagine that you are no longer frustrated by German grammar. Not only that: Imagine, you can even laugh about it!

I think it should always be fun to learn a language. The time you spend on learning German — imagine that it is the best time of the day for you.

Imagine you wake up in the morning and think: I can’t wait to learn German today!

Imagine you have a pleasant and fluent conversation with a German one day and this experience is untainted by negative associations because you learned German the right way.

You think back and you think to yourself: Now I finally speak German fluently and the journey here was so much fun!

Check out what other people are saying

This is what Mark Twain said about the book:

Mark Twain. writer and humorist.

Marco, I think it's amazing what you are doing! I am a huge fan of your website. I love that you used a small work of mine as the basis for a whole book. Learning German always gave me a lot of trouble, I wish I could have read your ebook when I was still alive.

Wait, I'm dead? Oh no! So this quote makes no sense at all, does it? I'm the humorist here, so stop making jokes at my expense!

Just kidding. But all joking aside.

I regularly get expressions of thanks like these:

Alberto Arrighini. CEO at Italiano Automatico.
Can I say that I love you, Marco!? I’m so glad that you’re gonna help thousands of people learning German through this method of learning languages! I can’t wait to use everything you’ll create! THANK YOU!!!! 😀
Gary Strothman. Now German level C2.
Marco is a really great instructor and inspiring person. He has helped me very much with my German and I find him to be a positive force in my life. Marco motivates and teaches German as well as acquiring a positive mindset.
By chance, I found this nice way to learn German. One course after another, they have not created the interest and language acquisition as Marco in no time managed to do!
Simple, fun, every day a little company with his advice and - I swear! - in a couple of months, all the terms, rules and theories in my head became fluent spoken language!
It was hard to believe anyone can understand me, I can go to the bank, I can go to the accountant, to the teachers in my son's school, to specialists and I can talk to the customers in the restaurant!!!
And what is even more, Marco taught me to not be afraid of making mistakes, but to smile and have a bit of self-irony: “MAN MUSS BEREIT SEIN, SICH ZUM AFFEN ZU MACHEN!” 😀
Everything is likable, regardless of the context.
A thousand thanks, Marco! Marco needs to be supported; just the idea that he might stop is pulling “the ground under their feet” away! AGL – MARCO! – there is no comparison. 🙂

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